For years I tried to be something that I wasn't, hid behind a smile and built up this impossible idea of who I needed to be. The second I stopped trying to be anyone other than myself, I felt free. You are not expected to be perfect. Your struggles build your character. Your experiences make you unique. You are intricate, complicated, seasoned and beautiful. I am no longer ashamed of my past, and for the first time in my life I have learned to love myself. ?

From my balcony at the hotel @latremoille, #Paris
Turn down service at hotel @latremoille is schweeet.

First time trying the original @maisonladuree macarons. What's your favorite flavor? ? With love from #Paris.
Falling can feel like flying. ?

Love in #Paris.
Fate loves the fearless.

Bonjour from the @latremoille hotel, #Paris! ?
You don't have to be from a big city to dream big. ?

View from my window @thestandard #NYC
Stopped by the @stylecaster studio & found the shirt of my destiny. // @jinnajuice x @macys // #pandaaaaaa
Hard work ALWAYS pays off. Don't ever forget that, my friends. 
#NYC for two days then off to Paris ?
Be still, my heart. ?

#Dubrovnik, #Croatia
Climb a giant rock, dive out of a plane, study your a-s off & get into your dream school, turn your hobby into a business, grow some b-lls & tell that girl you love her, thank your parents & put them on a yacht, move to the big city, retire on an island - take a chance and make memories that will last forever. ?

#Levanto, Italy
Aren't you just running away from your problems? What happened to being responsible? Don't you need to get back to working a corporate job, commuting to work at 9 am, Starbucks in hand? Where am I gonna live tomorrow? Am I going to be okay? ...meh. All these questions would fade away over the sound of this magnificently massive waterfall called #Gullfoss. (Read: 10 Ways Travel Changed My Life Forever // link in bio // photo by @tineey)
I bought a one-way ticket to Iceland on a weekday afternoon hiding behind my computer screen, and a few weeks later I found myself with no job, moved out of my apartment & almost all of my things sold. // Just posted - 10 ways travel changed my life forever (click the link in bio to read) ?

Overlooking #Rome from @romecavalieri
Why worry when you can wander? 
I stayed up all night to watch the sunrise on this bridge in Dubrovnik, #Croatia. One of the most beautiful views, one of the happiest moments of my life. ?