Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge at Night

April 09, 2014 | 0 SHARES

Brooklyn Bridge at Night

In our quest to uncover photo opportunities on our home turf before journeying to Europe next week, Tineey and I decided to take a night stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge into Dumbo. I’ve lived and worked in New York City for four years yet this was my first time walking the Brooklyn Bridge – maybe my third time in Brooklyn ever even (I obviously didn’t get out much). After making it a priority to get out of this work – drink – sleep cycle, I knew that this spot, as cliche as it is, was a must-see, must-photograph destination. No big deal to most native New Yorkers, but there’s a serenity here (especially in the evening) that makes it that much more special.

IMG_8538 copy copy Dumbo Brooklyn Manhattan Bridge

Walk down past the steps at the end of the bridge once you cross into Brooklyn and take a quick left. You’ll find a charming neighborhood called Dumbo. There’s a street down here where you can see the Empire State Building peek through the Manhattan bridge, aligning perfectly in the middle. You’ve probably seen this shot hundreds of times on Instagram.

Downtown New York City Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park

Keep walking for a few minutes and you’ll come across the Brooklyn Bridge Park – a sweet little spot perfect for photographs of lower Manhattan. But how does the view compare to that of Jersey City? Compare them here.


How amazing is this night view? Take a few minutes, soak it in, then make the trek out. If you don’t feel like walking back across the bridge, the you can hop on the F train nearby to get back into Manhattan.

Downtown Manhattan Brooklyn Bridge Park

Photos by me and Tineey




  • Tineey

    so much adventure ahead!

  • lovelifelovefashion

    So excited! And loving these pics!

    x Aurélie

  • Furabella

    you’ve got great eyes to capture great sights! thanks for sharing.


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