3 Luxury Paris Hotels You’ll Never Want to Leave

July 08, 2014 | 415 SHARES

Say hello to Paris and three of the city’s most magnificent hotels.

eiffel tower paris france


Once the former home of Napoleon Bonaparte’s grandnephew, Prince Roland Bonaparte, the Shangri-La Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris. But I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

shangri-la hotel paris france shang ri la paris hotel lobby

You walk in past the lobby and your eyes don’t know where look next – marble floors and columns, sculptures and original ornate mouldings.

shangri-la hotel paris france

We explored the hotel for almost an hour, soaking in each room – each one telling a different story.

shangri-la hotel paris france

And then we came into this banquet room – quite possibly the most beautiful room I’ve ever been to in my life.

shangri-la hotel paris france

shangri-la hotel paris france

The hotel has 8 suites that overlook the Eiffel Tower. This was only one of them.

Shangri La Paris Hotel shangri-la hotel paris france

shangri-la hotel paris france

Find more info + photos on the Shangri-La Paris website. If you’re more of a review person, check out the TripAdvisor reviews + 4.5/5 star rating here.


Situated in the heart of the Left Bank, L’hotel was once home to Irish writer and poet Oscar Wilde. I felt like I had just stepped into a time machine, with the hotel oozing old world French glamour, surrounded by original artwork and ornate accent decor.

Enter, lobby.


The most magnificent part of this hotel was the spiral staircase, smothered in leopard, winding all the way down to the lobby.

l'hotel paris spiral staircase

You walk outside and you’re surrounded by art galleries. The hotel is on Rue Des Beaux-Arts – there are charming cafes, bookstores and designer shops everywhere. It’s quiet enough during the day (silent at night) in the neighborhood, perfect for sleeping in and cozying up with your loved ones. You’re also only a few blocks south of the Seine River, so a quick hop skip over the bridge (about a 4 minute walk) and you’re at the Louvre (READ: How I spent my first four days in Paris).

l'hotel paris, france street

The rooms are moody, filled with antique furniture. It’s a tad bit dark, but doesn’t that just make the whole place that much more romantic?

l'hotel paris

Velvet bed. Cherry wood everything. The bathroom was just as glamorous, with a separate closet for la toilette.

l'hotel paris l'hotel paris

The staff is attentive, polite and we were extremely well taken care of our entire stay.
View their website here, and read up on their 4.5/5 rating + reviews on TripAdvisor.


There was a sense of comfort walking into Hotel Verneuil. I don’t know if it was the cozy lobby or the bright, clean room we stayed in, but I found myself lazier and lazier the longer I stayed.


The rooms are clean, yet charming with a mix of modern touches and classic accents.

hotel verneuil, paris

As soon as I hit the bed I did not want to get up.

hotel verneuil, paris

I saw the bathroom, filled with L’Occitane products and did not want to leave.

hotel verneuil, paris

Six hours later, I’m picking up my fringe key, take a minute to enjoy the breeze on the balcony, ready to explore the neighborhood of Saint Germain.

IMG_3883 copy hotel verneuil, paris

And what a gorgeous neighborhood it is.

769733-hotel-verneuil-paris-france copy

Probably the coziest luxury hotel in Paris, visit their website for more info + photos here. Or you can check out tons of reviews + 4 star rating on TripAdvisor.


  • http://alliegehr.blogspot.com Allie Gehr

    I am the type of person that loves hotels, and all of these hotels looked like heaven to me! I loved this post!

    • greaseandglamour

      Hotels are so awesome aren’t they? :p thanks for your sweet comment!

  • Karisa Blake

    I ADORE each of these beautiful hotels! <3 I love the old world elegance of the first two but the funky colors and design of Hotel Vernduil is fabulous as well!

    • greaseandglamour

      They were all so charming, different yet very Parisian which is something you can’t compare to any other hotels in the world! The details and the furnishings make them so unique!

  • Shalet Jimmy


    • greaseandglamour

      Thanks :)

  • http://analeote.blogspot.pt/ Ana Leote

    The first one is so beautiful!

    Ana Leote

    • greaseandglamour

      Yes it was amazing. You could wander for hours!

  • Yvonnelaura

    Stunning hotels, love the photos!


    • greaseandglamour

      Thanks lady!

  • http://www.Keyaesthetics.com/ KeyAesthetics

    Quite Classic. When in Paris I am always with relatives, but this looks like a nice place to stay for a 1 or 2 night break. http://www.KeyAesthetics.com

    • greaseandglamour

      Definitely a home away from home!

  • Melissa

    Beautiful photos Jinna!

    • greaseandglamour

      Thanks Melissa!

  • 24/7 in France

    LOVE the Shangri La with its classicaly ornate & baroque style!

    • greaseandglamour

      It’s an unbelievably ornate and luxurious hotel!

  • Sofia Soloveva

    the first and the second are kind of luxury heaven) i prefer to stay in rent apartement


    • greaseandglamour

      I stayed in an apartment in Florence and it was awesome! But sometimes it’s awesome to wake up in an amazing hotel ♡ :p

  • The Queen of Dreaming

    Those are dreamy places, I want to stay in all these hotels!



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